Thursday, June 18, 2009

I am so lucky to have a bunch of great friends, and I don't mean friends that come and go but the kind if friends that you have all your life. The kind that are there for you all the way, and living here in the US meant leaving all my good friends behind (as well as my family but that's another story) in England, and they are a great bunch. But one day I was in the local post office and heard an English accent, and I was next in the line so I tapped this lady (who was the owner of the accent) on the shoulder and said "hello, its good to hear another English accent around here". And that's how I met one of my best friends. It wasn't that she was English it was more that we are on the same level and we have been firm friends ever since.

A few months ago she asked me to make her daughters wedding cake, I jumped at the chance but oh lord did I stress over it. I wanted to make it, but I was so terrified of not being able to pull it off I actually lost sleep over it. After all to let her down was not going to be an option.

Well this is what I made. Its a white vanilla cake with a white chocolate ganache butter cream, and white vanilla fondant. I made the roses from gumpaste.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Day

Well tomorrow is the big day! Not mine of course, my stepdaughters! Its going to be lovely of that Im sure, the venue is a vineyard here in Oklahoma. It is however in the middle of no where. No where is a one horse town called Luther and it really only consists of the said viineyard and a gas station (cant beleive I say gas station these days instead garage). I am lucky enough to have been asked to make the grooms cake, though Im not sure why the groom has t have a cake of his. Does this mean that he doesnt get any of the wedding cake itself, and the bride doesnt get any of his cake. I dont know, Im not sure of the rules about that, its all greek to me. Anyway I was pleased to oblige.

In my previous post you will see that I made a cake for the bridal shower along the same theme as the grooms cake. This was requested by the bride,(so now its the brides cake?) I wanted to use homemade fondant, I followed the recipe to the letter, dont know what I did wrong but I now have two pounds of goo (tastes good though), that I dont know what to do with. I ended up using not so gooey fondant out of a box, even though the taste isnt as good as the homemade it was not like a scene from The Blob. It did however perform very well on the cake which is a red velevet cake with chocolate butter cream icing.

There was however a vey sad event this week ,one of our barn cats was run over and killed this week. Funny because I dont usually get too close to the cats but this one was special. She was called Jack and I miss her.