Sunday, September 14, 2008

Mille Crepe

I know I have been slipping, but I promise to do better. So here I am, well its been busy here in the stick, so much going on I dont know were to start. I think I may just start with Friday. It started out ok though I had spent Thursday afternoon cooking as our lovley Zumba instuctor Joni lost her Mother last week. As it is tradition here in the south people give food as gifts as a mark of love and respect, the women at our Zumba class being a great bunch all banded together and we all did something. Wether it was store bought, or home made it didnt matter, everyone contributed. Joni was so touched by all the efforts everyone had gone to she ended up in tears as did the rest of us. Its amazing when people pull together how that support can make you feel so cared for.

After I got home Kirstin (Bobs Daughter) called, she had had a car wreck. Luckily she was not hurt too badly more just pulled muscles and aches and pains. The car was not so lucky. The radiator is all crushed in. Oh well that can be repaired, Im just glad she didnt hurt herself too much.

Today I saw a TV cook show called Sugar Rush and they showed something called a Mille Crepe. Its crepes layered with a vanilla custardy filling. I couldnt help myself I had to try to make it. So here is a pic of it.


Marie said...

That looks really good Chris! I'm so glad that Bob's daughter wasn't hurt badly. What a scare!

Raquel said...

Looks great Chris! Glad that Kristen is ok, sorry for Joni's loss. We do the same thing here whenever there is a death - COOK! Much love, Raquel XO

nicisme said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about your instructors mum and that awful car accident. :(

The mille crepe looks lovely, I made one once and also a savory type.

Tulip said...

Hi Spud features!

Glad Kristen is ok! Crepe looks good....have you played around with different fillings yet?

Tulip said...

PS - Love from Turnip!