Thursday, June 4, 2009

Wedding Day

Well tomorrow is the big day! Not mine of course, my stepdaughters! Its going to be lovely of that Im sure, the venue is a vineyard here in Oklahoma. It is however in the middle of no where. No where is a one horse town called Luther and it really only consists of the said viineyard and a gas station (cant beleive I say gas station these days instead garage). I am lucky enough to have been asked to make the grooms cake, though Im not sure why the groom has t have a cake of his. Does this mean that he doesnt get any of the wedding cake itself, and the bride doesnt get any of his cake. I dont know, Im not sure of the rules about that, its all greek to me. Anyway I was pleased to oblige.

In my previous post you will see that I made a cake for the bridal shower along the same theme as the grooms cake. This was requested by the bride,(so now its the brides cake?) I wanted to use homemade fondant, I followed the recipe to the letter, dont know what I did wrong but I now have two pounds of goo (tastes good though), that I dont know what to do with. I ended up using not so gooey fondant out of a box, even though the taste isnt as good as the homemade it was not like a scene from The Blob. It did however perform very well on the cake which is a red velevet cake with chocolate butter cream icing.

There was however a vey sad event this week ,one of our barn cats was run over and killed this week. Funny because I dont usually get too close to the cats but this one was special. She was called Jack and I miss her.



Greta said...

Sorry about Jack, Chris.
Lovely cake though. Hope the wedding goes to plan & you all have a great time. xx

Deeba @Passionate About Baking said...

The cake looks gorgeous. I'll help you finish the homemade gooe if you like! Have a fantastic day!
Pity about jack; feel really bad for you. May he RIP! Take care dear girl...xoxoxo

Nicisme said...

Hope I'm not too late to wish your step-daughter a wonderful wedding. Hope it goes smoothly and I'm thinking of you all!
PS. So sorry about the beautiful cat. :(

Patchwork Dragon said...

So sorry to hear about Jack, Chris. Hope the wedding went OK and you've recovered by now!

Marie said...

Chris, I was sorry to read about Jack. It's always so sad when we lose a pet. That cake looks like you did a wonderful job on it. I am sure everyone really loved it. Good luck and best wishes to the happy couple!

Angie said...

Hi Chris - I'm Angie in England. Not sure how landed up here at your blog but glad I did. Probably was poking around Marie's Oak Cottage or English Kitchen and got sidetracked.

A Geordie woman! Have you still got the accent? My dad came from Shildon, Co. Durham and though it blurred a bit round the edges he still kept his northern accent to the day he died. I'm in Lincolnshire and our accent is a sort of hybrid of Yorkshire and Mumbo Jumbo!

So sorry to hear about your cat. You can't help geting a little bit attached can you?

And you make cakes and decorate them too eh? So do I. I've put some pics in the sidebar of my blog. I would never make my own fondant. A step too far for me. The boxed stuff is fine as long as you keep it away from the fridge. Same with the flower paste I use for making flowers (surprise!). You can keep that in the fridge or freezer though bfore you've turned it into flowers.

Tulip said...

You need to get yourself home for a visit Chris! Gas staion indeed...yer a Geordie lass, we say garage....and don't you forget it!!! lol
And whats all this groom cake stuff?'ll never happen in the NE!

RIP Jack!