Sunday, April 12, 2009


Happy Easter to you all. Hope the Bunny was good to you and brought you all lots of chocolate eggs.

My Easter Sunday has been spent mostly baking, though I did also have to feed the horses and then deal the remains of a dead cat, and yes I cried the whole time I was doing it, (dealing with the cat that is) The cat was a stranger to us she must have been sick and just wandered in the barn to die, not the best way to start the day.

Getting that out of the way, I did enjoy the baking, it certainley lifted my mood. I started off with the bread setting the yeast to prove and puting the oven to heat, while I went up to the barn to do the previously mentioned jobs. I love making bread, its such a satisfying thing to do, especially on a cold rainy day like today. The whole process sends an aroma around the house, that is warm and comforting. And though most people think that making bread takes all day, Im here to tell you that it doesnt.

I also made cupcakes and by request by my beloved most of them were adorned with jelly beans (he is such a child) the rest were frosted with a smooth, creamy, rich, silky, decadent, (can you tell its one if my favourites) chocolate ganache.

I have continued with a cake decorating course and though it was fun to do, we did get to play with some really cool equipment. I really enjoyed the airbrush, though cake I decorated with,well all I can say about it is its bloody ugly.. I did take a picture if it and well I jsut cant bring myself to publish it on here. The ulgy cake was a theme cake, as requested by our instructor. She got us to carve a fish out of the cake then frost it, then came the airbrushing. Such fun but oh my its ugly, the one redeeming feature is that it looked pretty much the same as hers............ One day I will post the pic when my stomach and yours is strong enough to take it.


Anonymous said...

Wow, Chris! I thought you'd stopped blogging, but I see you've been quite busy! Everything looks so yummy! The cake is beautiful!

chris said...

Thanks Sue, I am serioiulsy lazy about this, will try harder.

Greta said...

Both the bread & the cupcakes look sooo appetising Chris. x

Deeba @Passionate About Baking said...

Love the spread you made for Easter Chris... WHOA!! Very nice indeed!