Thursday, April 2, 2009

I know its been a while, but anyone knowing me, knows that am I really bad at keeping this up. You see lately my hsuband Bob has been travelling so not a lot of cooking here, I tend to live on leftovers (from when Bob is home) and make do with bowls of cereal while he is gone. I have though been looking and drooling over other peoples foodie blogs and it makes me ache for a proper meal. Thankfully Bob shall be home tomorrow and he has requested just good old fashioned roast chicken, something that is very satifying and so homey.

The weather here has been so strange lately, and yes its spring and yes I live in the middle of Tornadoe Alley, I really didnt expect the weather we have had in the past week. Saturday brought eight inches of snow. The snow didnt hang about long, though long enough for us to want to stay home and enjoy just not going anywere on Saturday. By Sunday the thaw was well underway. Monday it changed again, the temprature was in the 70s and was lovely till about 4pm, then it all changed again. I have never seen the sky quite this colour before. It was almost green, so strange.

The storm came in quickly, and it terrified our dogs, the small one especially, she shook till I thought she would fall to bits, poor thing theres nothing I can do to comfort her.

Today Im looking forward to Bob coming home tomorrow, and I want all house stuff done so that we can just have some time to relax together, he has been gone so much over the past month I feel as though I have hardly seen him, so I better get off my bum and get moving.

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Marie said...

Hi Chris! I can remember how frigtening it was to live in a Tornado area. I never liked it and would be afraid every time it stormed. I think they have small tornadoes over here, which I was surprised to find out, but thankfully none has ever come through here. Lucky for me Todd is retired and so he doesn't go away ever. Bet you were glad to get Bob home.