Tuesday, August 12, 2008

I thought Id show you all some more pictures of Colorado. The first one is taken at the cabin we stayed in. It has a river running by it, so lovley.

Then there is the new John Denver!!! He did a cowboy singalong in Estes Park, he was great.

This is another one taken by the cabin from the hot tub. It was so relaxing and the tempratures were cool, so much nicer than Oklahoma at this time of year.

I was talking to Sue (of "Back to the Table" blog) today and we talked about things on our blog. While talking to her I reminded of another occasion were a case of the giggles got me into trouble. Sue suggested I write about this on here for you all to have a giggle at. I hope you all do. I certainley did.

The story of Edward Cairns.

I was about nine years old and attending St Vincents RC School, I was in Mrs Hughes class and though a very nice person, her sense of humour left a lot to be desired. At least I thought so! The class was busy, we had all been given time to draw and colour pictures, obviously Mrs Hughes was in a good mood or just wanted a break for a class of thirty nine nine year olds. Everyone was chatting away and being really well behaved for a change, when all you could hear was Mrs Hughes voice screaming above the whole class, "YOU STUPID BOY, YOU STUPID BOY" . She had hold of Edward Cairns by the scruff of the neck, like a dog trying to kill a rabbit. Edward just hung there all red faced, with Crayola Crayons of various colours sticking out of his nose and ears!! Mrs Hughes was howling "children" She screeched "you should never do this with crayons!"!! That was it for me, I was useless, I laughed till I cried and of course I was the first one to see the funny side of it. Eventually the whole class erupted. Even now I have this picture in my head that has stayed with me for all these years, and now while I am typing this tears are running down my face. I just cant help myself. Poor Edward, if you ever read this I hope you forgive me for laughing, its an affliction Im stuck with.. Dont think there is a cure for this...


Marie said...

For a second Chris, I thought that was John Denver . . . and then I remembered that it couldn't be. Ohh, hooo, thanks for the laugh about Edward!!! There's one in every class isn't there! I married the one out of my sixth grade class . . . big mistake. Great entertainment value in school, lousy husband at home. Lesson learnt.

Raquel said...

ROFL!!! That poor boy! Pics are lovely! Thanks for a good giggle! Much love - Raquel XO

Sue said...

I was chuckling all over again reading this Chris.
Lovely pics too.

Greta said...

Poor poor Edward! You've done it again Chris - cheered me up no end! The tears are streaming down my cheeks as I type this. I can see him!!!
Wonderful pics too. Looks like you had a fantastic time. x