Friday, August 15, 2008

Sleepless in Stillwater

Well its one of those nights, you know the kind. You are lying in bed thinking about everything, and your mind is going in a hundred different directions all at once. Not condusive to sleep at all. Im not worried about anything though there are some major things happening right now. The main one Im unable to disclose right now, or else I would have to kill you.

The next biggest thing is my daughter Turi and her boyfriend Mark, coming to visit. Though its not for a few weeks yet, I am really excited. I have started to think about what I need to do before they arrive. Yet all I can think about is the first time I set eyes on her. I keep playing scenarios of greeting her for the first time, this only helps to build the excitement. Hence no sleep, I hope I get this out of my system, or Im going to one hell of a wreck by the time she gets here.

They are flying into Memphis and spending some time there, doing the Graceland and Beale Street thing, and Bob and I will be there a couple of days later to pick them up. Cant wait to see them.

This photo is one of Turi, she has a certain sense of style as you can see. She often would dress up in the strangest of getups. This day it was a warm summers day yet she felt it neccesary to get so wrapped up. Dont you think the dummy really sets it off. I know she will kill me if she sees this.
The other one is Turi again, obvouisly in monster mode, it was Halloween and her brother was getting dressed for a party as a vampire. Turi wanted to get in on the act. I thought she had a certain style to her. I am in such big trouble!! Bit tis worth it.


Marie said...

How wonderful that you are going to get to spend some time with your family Chris! I think your daughter looks like a very interesting individual, much like her mother!! Love you to bits!

chris said...

Thanks Marie.
Love you too!!!

Raquel said...

Awwwww . . . Cute! So glad that you will get to spend some time with your DD, family time is always nice! Much love - Raquel XO

Sue said...

LOL loved the get-up Chris, especially with the dummy in her mouth. Thats hilarious.
My trip home is definitley on hold for the time being so it looks like next spring now.

Jan said...

Great pictures Chris! Yes the dummy does set it off lol
Great for you to see your family, you'll have such a good time.
Love Jan x

Sylvie said...

Hey Chris, I only know those nights to well and I hate 'em as much as you do! Great that you get to spend time with your folks though!

Tulip said...

She's going to kill you if she finds out you have posted those photos!!!! lol

chris said...

Tell me about it Julie, but I always tell her its my job as a mother to embarrass her children.