Saturday, August 9, 2008

Quirky Things!!!!

Ok here are my six, Im keeping this brief, Im so tired after our trip.

1. My hair colour is very natural. (it says so on the box)

2. I love to sing but I sound like a nightingpig. When I have partaken of a bevvy or five, I beleive I can sing like a Aretha, so if you are ever at a Kareoke with me, never let me have the mic.

3. I dont eat fish.........Bleh............

4. Im a dog person, I like cats but dogs are my favourite pets.

5. My guardian Angel is called Greta.

6. I often find thngs funny that others dont, often at most embarrising times. Like seeing Ann Lackenbie sneeze during the Hail Mary and she didnt have a hanky. (I can still see that lace curtain) I know its gross but she was such a snob it couldnt have happened to a nicer person, it didnt go down well with the nuns. but Im sure I saw Sister Augustine having a chuckle too.


Marie said...

hahaha, I love you Chris, every quirky bit of you!

Jan said...

I just cracked up reading about your hair colour! You are so funny! I mean that in the nicest way of course.

Sue said...

I nearly fell off my chair with laughing so much at number 6.
I could just picture it in my mind!!!

Tulip said...

Can empathise with the hair colour and would have laughed at number 6 too. Gawd you're a funny girl Chris...I love you too!

Raquel said...

Number 6 was a hoot, but I am right with you on #2. Get me in the shower and I am Arethra or Madonna, some opera singer - I really belt it out! Much love - Raquel XO