Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Does this make my bum look big?

I was reading another blog the other day, and it made me remember a shopping trip for clothes, I had with a very dear friend of mine Eileen. To cut a long story short, my friend has a bit of a sense of humour, we would go out and have an absolute ball with just a trip to Icleand (hmm reminds of the day I threw her in the freezer in Safeway). Anyway, she had been asked out to dinner by her very fit boss, he was drop dead gorgous (but he knew it), and she needed something to wear. We went to the Metro Centre in Gatsehead and trailed round all the shops till we went into BHS. The place was a mess, it was in the middle of renovations, the changing rooms were just bits of curtains strung up workmen everywere. Well she eventually gets her eye on a little black number, and I mean little. Eileen is by no way fat but she had lost some weight and decided this dress was her size. She then heads for the changing room and insists I come in with her so I can give her my opinion. She gets undressed, not easy as the changing rooms are a bit small and the two of us (neither of us small) are in there, she then attempts to try on the dress. She pulls it on gets it as far as across her boobs, it then gets stuck. She is standing there with the dress bunched up around her chest and neck and she looks at me and says "Its perfect!!! Ill take it" Can you imagine my reaction, I started to howl with laughter and she does too, the curtains were flapping all over the place as we are trying to get the dress off. It took some doing I can tell you, it had become part of her after a while. We laughed so hard I had no makeup left on by the time we came out. The staff came over to see what was going on, but I suppose you just had to be there.

What is it with all the stuff in your house breaking down all at once!!! I feel like this house is a black hole for electrical goods, but then I have always had this problem. I moved into a new house about 16 years ago, and on the day we moved in we had four TVs. Within a month three had died on me, one just up and died, another got dropped and another burst into flames while I am holding my month old nephew. Talk about panic!!!!! The room filled with smoke, all I could think of was "get the kids out" Luckily it didnt get out of hand.

Anyway, to the present day, my dishwasher only washes dishes when it feels like it. Somedays I open it up to empty and the dishes are worse than when I put them in. The ice maker on the fridge is being really difficult, it either will not produce ice or its like a glacial flow pouring out. I was sitting here earlier and wondered why I my thinking was getting louder. It was almost like I was shouting inisde my head. (Im not sure that that makes any sense but I hope it does) Turns out the tele has its decided to make my ears bleed by turning up the volume on its own. The sneaky thing is, it does it gradually, so at first you dont even realise it, till it get so loud you cant hear the phone ring. Seems like we may have to go shopping.


Sue said...

Tell me about it Chris!!
A few months ago my dryer started this terrible banging sound whenever we put washing in it to dry, now my washing machine is walking off to parts unknown by itself on the spin cycle....Another trip by the repair man.
Loved your story about your friend and the little black dress BTW.

Jan said...

Loved the story about the dress!
STOP - before you buy a new TV tho. We had the same thing happen to our TV once (keep turning itself up).
We phoned the 'help' desk as it was a fairly new tv and you will never guess - It turned out to be the batteries in the remote control. Try it just in case that's all it is! Jan x

Marie said...

haha Chris. Had a real giggle over the dress episode. It reminds me of when I was pregnant for my first child. I was about 8 months along and bought myself a pretty pink dress to wear after, in my old size of course. And I am not sure if your brain goes to mush when you are pregnant or not, but I loved it so much I decided to try it on anyways when I got it home. I had to actually cut it off . . . My mama always said that it never rains but what it pours and that's the way things usually go . . . they happen in threes too, so if one thing breaks down you can be pretty sure that another few things will follow it in short order!

Raquel said...

ROFL about the dress! Absolutely hilarious! We have a microwave that turns on all by itself - scary! Other than that most of our appliances are ok, except the washer has started to whine here lately! Much love - Raquel XO

Anonymous said...

Chris, that was hilarious! I can't decide which is funnier, the dressing room fun or the tv getting louder on it's own! I know what you mean though. We had one of those over the counter flourescent lights catch fire and start to torch our kitchen cabinet the other day. Lucky we were home at the time. Those are the lights we ALWAYS leave on, especially when we're out or sleeping!!! YIKES!

Greta said...

Oh Chris thank you! You have made me laugh out loud this morning & I certainly needed cheering up.
It's so wonderful to have a friend like that. x