Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Morning Buggerlugs!!

Its a run of the mill day today. Nothing special happening just stuff. So the reason I am writing this is because its been almost a week since I wrote owt, so I'll let you know whats been happening lately.

Well last week my son Micheal, got a promotion at work!!!! Well done that man, I'm so proud of you!! He is a real smart cookie, and yes Im a bit biased but so what he is a wonderful son.
My daughter is planning on comming to visit us soon. Its so exciting that it keeps me awake at night thinking about her getting here. She is coming with her boyfriend Mark, and they are flying into Memphis and spending a few days there and then we are going to pick them up. We will spend a day or so in Memphis with them (no doubt most of it probably in Beale Street,) and then we will make our way back to Stillwater. Its so exciting for me I am like a little kid waiting for Christmas.


Sue said...

Chris, congrats on your son's promotion, you must be such a proud mum.
I'm almost as excited as you are, about your daughter and partner coming over to visit. What a time you will have.
Have a great time in Colorado and I will be thinking of you.

Jan said...

Yes Chris - Congrats on your sons promotion! Well done to him!
Have a great time with your daughter! Jan x

Raquel said...

How exciting! Congrats to Michael, well done! Have a fab time in CO, but save plenty of fun for when your daughter is here! Much love - Raquel XO

Marie said...

Congrats to your son Chris! Way to go! I hope you have a lovely visit with your daughter. I sure wish my children would come and visit me from time to time. You're sooo lucky!