Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Not a Good Day for Cakes

Ok Im here again as promised!! I know am such a serial non starter, but I know that once I get started with this blog thing, I really enjoy it.

Yesterday was a super busy day for me. We had had a relatively laid back weekend, and of course that meant I really had to get my bum in gear. I should have shopped at the weekend, and of course I didnt, so that was something else I needed to get done apart from the all my stuff at the barn. Not to mention cook the brisket and make a birthday cake. Not a good day for that at all. I had got all my jobs done apart from finishing off the cake, (that including looking for a 21st birthday card, can you believe in Hallmark they only had two to choose from, I suppose it made things easier to pick one, so perhaps I should be greatful) I thought that would be the easy part, as I had planned to keep in simple due to time constraints I decided not to get to complicated. Im so glad I didnt. The weather here is very hot at the minute, it was probably about 96f yesterday afternoon and even with the AC running its little heart out, it was muggy in the house.

I had put the base frosting on (chocolate ganache) and it went on great so I let it set up, and came back to it a little later. Not realising the humidity was so high I started to pipe a border on the top of the cake, well it started to slide off. You can imagine my thoughts and exclamations at this point, certainley not for family viewing thats for sure. I did get it finished eventually but it spent so much time sitting in the fridge to cool off I didnt get to make it as fancy as I wanted. Oh well it tasted good.

Before dinner Bob had taken his daughter and her boyfriend fishing on the pond at the back of the house. They really enjoyed it as Devon (BF) had never fished before, he caught a very big catfish and Kirstin caught a bass. So not too bad a day all round.


Greta said...

Oh my 96 degrees!!! How do you cope? It's been 75 in my part of the UK today & so humid. As usual we are all complaining - lol.
Cake looks gorgeous btw. x

Susan said...

Hi, Chris! 96 in your part of the country is miserable! We get that hot sometimes, but then we don't have the humidity! Sorry it wreaked havoc on your cake, but it looks like you did an excellent rescue job, the cake looks perfect!

Sue said...

Hi Chris
Even with the hot weather in your neck of the woods the cake looks gorgeous.
I can't believe how big your 'pond' is! It looks like river to me!!!

Jan said...

That cake looks lovely!
Can you send some cake AND your weather this way please!

Raquel said...

I am right there in the humidity with you, Chris! Every morning we listen on the weather radio and so far every day it has been 100% humidity in the morning. Cake sounds great!